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Summer Christmas Story – RiRock Road trip with Lowriders Rental

It has been a while since our last post and what better then some warm adventures to anticipate the Summer vibes...Pura Vida 💚 Last Christmas we teamed up with the Lowriders Rental and it was really great to start making plans for the summer under a warm blanket, especially if you are not a winter kind of person. Four days of road tripping in a climber's head instantly transforms into rock tripping  :) . Finally, the days grew longer and the smell of Miss Spring was enchanting our troubled minds. Soon. We made no special plans. We 'll just hit one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world, the Adriatic highway and go were the Sun is. A great chance to recall the beauty of each twist and turn. As many have said: ..." it has to be seen to be believed". It is been a while doe. Motorways are handy and it is cool to reach Split in 3 and a half hours (driving from Rijeka). But motorways kill romance, and we were definitely after romance this time. My spec